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Geno2pheno [coreceptor-hiv2] 1.0

On submitting a sequence containing the V3 region of the HIV-2 envelope protein gp105 below, you will obtain a sequence alignment to the reference strain Mac239 (M33262) and a prediction whether the corresponding virus is capable of using CXCR4 as a coreceptor (R5/X4 or X4 variants) or not (R5 variants).

1. Identifier (optional)
Do not use patient names!
2. Cutoff Please select the FPR cutoff for the detection of CXCR4 usage.

The FPR (false positive rate) is the probability of incorrectly classifying an R5 virus as X4-capable. [Help]
No clinical recommendations for setting the FPR cutoff in genoytpic prediction of HIV-2 coreceptor usage exist yet.
3. V3 Sequence upload from file (sequences in FASTA format, or single plain or FASTA sequence):

4. Action

You will make prediction № 1607. Service started October 13, 2015.